As men, feminine leadership & values have proven to us to be more efficient to solve mankind problems.

At Femme Alfa, we strongly believe that women and other visible and non visible minority’s will establish a peaceful and sustainable vision for our species and our planet.

A world where empowerment, equality, freedom of choice, caring, respect, transparency, equity, sustainability & love will be a norm.

Our team believes that our intimate partners play an important role in supporting one another. We feel that well supported women will have more time to be who they want and get where they want to be in life.

Our team loves to collaborate with performers and experts to co-create world class events, MOC’s and content.

Most of our contributors are women, visible minorities and LGBTQ2 members from, it is how we strive for equality.

Collaborate with us as expert or performer. Propose us a curriculum for our next MOC. Improve your fan base by sharing your content with us.

Let’s make this world better together….